Sweater saved with blocking by Kolb's Grand Cleaners

Saving your precious garments, with blocking

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Sweater saved with blocking by Kolb's Grand Cleaners

What do you do when you find a hidden treasure, but it doesn’t quite fit?

That was the dilemma for one of our customers who loves looking through thrift stores for hidden treasures, and vintage finds.

A few weeks ago at N.U.T.S., our intrepid shopper found an almost new Brooks Brothers wool sweater. The problem? Someone had washed it in the washing machine, instead of dry cleaning it. And now, it was a little short in the torso (and probably the reason it was donated).

Before she bought it, she called us to ask if we would be able to fix it.

The answer was yes: we could add a little length to it by “blocking”. This is where our expert gently reshapes the garment, using steam and gentle pressure to return the garment to its original shape.

In this case, we were able to add about another inch to the sweater, which made it the perfect fit.

Best part is our customer snagged a $180 sweater for $1.50 plus the cost of the dry cleaning.

So if something of yours isn’t quite the size or shape it should be, before giving up and giving it away – give us a call. We might just be able to return your beloved garment to your clothing rotation.

Kolb’s Grand Cleaners is a full-service dry cleaner with free pickup and delivery. We are also the first dry cleaner in Central Mississippi to offer environmentally-friendly dry cleaning.